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Master your mortgage in the First Time Home Buyer Zone

Quick videos, blog posts and more to help you master your first home purchase

The First Time Home Buyer Zone

We created the first time home buyer zone because mortgages can be confusing and unfortunately that leads far to many new buyers to miss out on savings, or worse pay penalties and fees they may not have expected. So our goal was to provide first time home buyers across Canada simple videos, articles and more to make sure they can buy their first home with the advice and knowledge they need to buy with confidence. When they are ready to get pre-approved or approved, we will also be right there for them to easily get their best mortgage from over 30 banks and lenders after applying in minutes!

Mortgage Academy
Master your first home purchase

  • Whether your a first time home buyer, or just want a refresher, this series will give you the foundation to mortgage confidently.
  • Videos, advice and tools to get you started in the process and save the most time and money.
  • Save thousands of dollars and buy your home with confidence.

Master your mortgage in minutes with these simple, fast videos

Helpful things to read too

A list of helpful blog posts to make your mortgage process a breeze

When you’re ready,
Get started with a pre-approval or approval!

  • Apply in minutes, then we work to get you the best mortgage from 30 banks and lenders.
  • You’ll also get a personal Homewise Advisor to guide you at each step. Letting you know your best options and affordability, while answering any question you have at each step.
  • O ya, and it’s completely free!

Check out our calculators
Get an idea of the dollars and cents

  • Mortgage payment calculator to understand monthly payments and interest
  • Affordability calculator to get a high level idea of what you can afford
  • Closing costs calculator to understand all of the costs involved with a purchase

Pre-Approval, Approval, Refinance or Switch
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