With the warm weather approaching and many of us working from home, there’s never been a more perfect time to get our households ready for summer. Use this time to focus on the forgotten spaces of your home and give everything a deep clean. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a checklist to ensure you cover all your bases as you prepare your home from the inside out.

Declutter your closets

Cleaning your hallway closet is a great starting point. The front entrance of the home is where people come and go the most and it’s likely to get cluttered during the winter months. Begin by transitioning out winter coats and boots to create more space. You may also introduce storage containers to house any miscellaneous items including scarves, gloves and hats. Apply this same method to your bedroom closets and you’ll be ready to go for summer.

Clean your windows and vents

Windows can often get worn out and dirty during the winter months, which is why it’s important to check for any damage or rotting once summer arrives. Be sure to clean both the interior and exterior of your windows for any bugs, dust and dirt. As for your vents, we suggest checking your filter to ensure everything is running smoothly and that no repairs need to be made.

Take care of outdoor maintenance

As the warm weather starts to show up, get your yard back into shape. Start by raking away any leaves, branches or debris collected over the winter. You may also want to begin gardening, cleaning patio furniture or freshening up your landscaping. If you plan to sell your home over the next few months, outdoor maintenance and upkeep of your front lawn is a must. The exterior of your home is the first thing that buyers see and is a sure way to make a lasting impression.

Clear out the garage

Give the garage a deep clean to remove any salt and dirt accumulated over a long Canadian winter. Store away any winter maintenance items like window scrapers and snow brushes to make room for bikes, lawnmowers or any home improvement projects you have planned for the summer.

Get into all of the hard-to-reach places

There may be parts of the home that you don’t normally include in your daily or weekly cleaning routine. This might include areas like ceiling fans, baseboards, chandeliers or underneath kitchen appliances. Target these areas and rid them of any dust and grime that’s built up over the last little while.

Check your fridge and pantry for expired items

For most of us, the kitchen is one of the most commonly used areas of the home. Clean your kitchen by going through each pantry, wiping down the surfaces and tossing any unwanted items including non-perishable goods or used tupperware. Apply this same approach to your kitchen fridge. Come up with a storage pattern to organize your groceries and make sure everything is visible and accessible. Let’s not forget our kitchen appliances. Disinfect and scrub away any greasy buildup on your oven and stove tops. A freshly cleaned kitchen will pave the way for a stress-free and healthy summer.