The current pandemic has forced many of us to navigate situations a lot differently over the last few months and that includes moving homes. If you purchased a home and your move-in date is approaching, here is a list of things to consider to ensure a safe and stress-free moving process.

Stock up on the essentials

Before moving, be sure to get enough masks, recyclable gloves, hand sanitizer, household disinfectants and paper towels. These are some simple preventative ways you can stay safe during your move.

Purchase new moving boxes

Given the circumstances, recycled boxes for packing may not be the best idea. Just to be safe, we recommend getting all of your moving boxes brand new and untouched this time around. Some great places to look include Staples, Home Depot and Lowe’s, all of which offer contactless curbside pick-up and delivery. Many of these places also sell other moving essentials like packing tape, bubble wrap, moving blankets and cleaning products.

Hire some extra help

If you were planning to hire movers, rest assured many moving companies are still open for business and have introduced heightened safety measures as a result of COVID-19. A great example is Two Men & a Truck, a moving company that operates across Canada. They’ve implemented mandatory policies to ensure that all moving trucks are cleaned and disinfected after every move and that all employees practice social distancing and use sanitizer regularly. They also request that no more than two people are present in the household during the move.

Rent your own moving truck

If you feel more comfortable handling the move yourself, no problem. Consider renting your own moving truck with Budget Car Rental, U-Haul and/or Discount Car & Truck Rentals. Each of these companies have intensified their cleaning and safety measures in their rentals, with emphasis on high-touch areas including door handles, steering wheels and seat surfaces. This option requires little to no contact and gives you full control over handling your personal items.

Install door jams

Before bringing items into your new home, install door jams to minimize contact during your move. This will prevent continued use of door handles, keys and door bells, while speeding up your moving time. It also supports proper social distancing by allowing you to see who’s unpacking in each room.

Give the house a good clean after you move in

Whether you decide to hire movers or not, it’s advised to do a thorough clean of the house to ensure all surfaces, flooring and appliances are properly disinfected. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to enter your new home on a more positive note.

To ensure you’re properly cleaning surfaces in your new home, here are some helpful resources from World Health Organization and Canada Public Health to reference.