What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance is required for most lenders in a home purchase. A basic home policy will cover you for loss or damage from a fire, vandalism, wind damage, and water damage. You’ll also be covered for personal liability – for example, if your child hits a baseball through your neighbour’s window, you’ll be covered.

How much coverage do you need?

You can add coverages based on your needs, where you live, and the property itself. You can add extra coverages like earthquake coverage if you live on a fault-line, or sewer backup and overland water coverages if you live in a flood-prone area. You can also add expensive or specialty items (like an engagement ring) onto your policy, as most home policies only cover your personal belongings up to a certain limit. These more expensive items will have a custom limit that you can set yourself.

How do you get Home Insurance?

If you currently have insurance (such as car insurance), contact your current insurance provider, as you may benefit from lower costs from having multiple policies with the same vendor. Otherwise, there are many providers that can be found online.

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