What is a Job Letter / Letter of Employment

Jesse Abrams - December 30, 2017, 7:22 pm

What is a Job Letter / Letter of Employment? 

A job letter is a document that is provided by the borrower’s employer that lists out the borrower’s position as an employee, their length of employment as well as their income.


How do you get a Job Letter / Letter of Employment? 

Reach out to your employer’s HR department or if your company does not have an HR department, request it from a member of the senior leadership team. 



  1. Company Letterhead: This includes the company logo (if applicable) 
  2. Company Contact information: Full address and contact number
  3. Date: Ensure that the job letter is up to date. If it is over a month old, the lender may request a newer version. 
  4. Re line: This line is not mandatory, however, if included, it will reference that it is an employment letter (or job letter) for the respective borrower
  5. To line: If there is a specifc individual (broker or lender) that name should be written. Otherwise, it can say “To whom it may concern” 
  6. Borrower’s Position: The borrower’s (employee) position as well as if their job is full-time, part-time, contact, etc. 
  7. Employment Date: This is the date that the employee was first hired
  8. Income: This line will include the annual income that is earned by the employee, as well as if the income was salary, hourly or commission. Additional forms income, such as a bonus, have to be listed our on a separate line than the annual income.
  9. Job Letter Writer’s Signature: The writer of the job letter will have to sign the document 
  10. Job Letter Writer’s information: The writer of the job letter must have their full name and title must be included as it is possible that they will be contacted.

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