How It Works

Get approved, pre-approved or refinancing - there’s no more hassle!
Our tech-powered mortgage experts find you savings in what the banks, lenders & credit unions offer. All negotiated free of charge.

We negotiate with these lenders so that you don't have to

Canada Trust Duca Desjardins First National Home Trust B2B Bank MCAP Merix WealthOne ICICI Bank Canadian Western Bank Equitable Bank Alterna Savings RMG CMLS Street Capital Haventree XCEED Lendwise Effort Trust Marathon Mortgage Corp. NPX

Create your unique profile

With some simple online questions and documents, we’ll build your unique profile to match you with a great mortgage. Along the way we will provide tips and explanations to help you understand each step.

We negotiate for you

Our team of tech-powered mortgage experts search through mortgages across multiple banks, lenders and credit unions to find the best deals for you. So sit back and relax while we do the work for you - free of charge.  

Choose your mortgage

Unlike the banks and classic brokers, we aim to provide you with options from lenders that meet your unique needs. We also provide explanations as to how they will benefit you and save you money.

Fund your home with guidance

Your personal Homewise Expert will work with you and the lender to get your mortgage finalized and most importantly help you every step of the way until you move into your new home.