Over the month of October, the Canadian housing market continued to be red hot despite the rise in fixed mortgage rates. The BoC also just announced its decision to end its quantitative easing program, which means Canadians buyers and existing homeowners can expect higher rates coming next year. Read below to see what else happened over this past month:

Bank of Canada ends QE bond program, a sign that higher rates are coming

The Bank of Canada (BoC) recently announced its decision to hold its benchmark policy rate steady and also end the quantitative easing program. With cost of living rising faster than expected, the BoC has also made it clear that its preparing to raise rates next year, a key consideration for Canadian buyers and existing homeowners.

Canadian home prices continue to re-accelerate in September

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, home sales were up 0.9% between August and September 2021, marking the first month-over-month increase since March of this year. While the number of transactions in September was down year-over-year, it was the second-highest September sales figure by a sizable margin.

Investors are gobbling up homes in Canada’s hot housing market

As Canada’s housing market remains hot, the individuals rushing to buy are those who already own a home, or in some cases three or four. Rising home prices and falling mortgage rates have accelerated the entry for investors as well as the growth of Canadian borrowers with multiple mortgages.

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