The month of September is coming to a close and a lot has happened. Canadians voted in a federal election where the Liberal Party was re-elected with a minority government, while housing prices are cooling down despite being way up compared to last year. Read the latest in mortgage news to learn more about what happened over this past month.

Home sales cool in August, but average prices still well up from last year

After experiencing a red hot housing market throughout the pandemic, the number of Canadian home sales seemed to cool down this past month. Nonetheless, average home prices continue to sit higher compared to where they were a year ago.

Average home price in Canada forecast to reach $680K — up 19.9% from last year

The Canadian Real Estate Association is forecasting that the country will close off the year with fewer home sales than it previously predicted. They explain that a decrease in supply will continue to push housing costs higher. Read more to learn what this could mean for the remainder of the 2021 housing market.

Election 2021: What Justin Trudeau's Liberals have promised Canadians in their new mandate

On September 21, the Liberals were re-elected and will lead for the next 18 months with a minority government. Read more to learn about the Liberal Party’s plans to address the Canadian housing market, build more affordable housing and how they plan to support first-time buyers.

How to Prepare for a Hot Fall Market

Our CEO and Co-Founder Jesse Abrams discusses the key steps Canadians can take to prepare if they are entering what’s expected to be a hot housing market this fall.