As a Homewise referral partner, you agree to the following referral terms.

Referral partners are responsible for ensuring that its employees, contracts and agents are in compliance with these terms as well as the Homewise master Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on our website. The terms are subject to change at any time, and if there something that you disagree with on your end, your option is to leave the referral program. If you continue to use the referral program after changes have been made, that means that you agree with the new changes or modifications to the terms.


The terms “us”, “we” or “our”, “Homewise” is in reference to Homewise Solutions Inc. and our website/app. “you”, “your”, "applicant" and“Realtor Referral partner” refers to the referral partner.


To take part in the Homewise Referral program, you must be at least 18 years of age and during the application process, you must submit an application that contains all of the information that we requested and it must be accurate. After receiving your application, we will review it to ensure that it meets our expectations. We have the right to reject any application that we deem does not meet our expectations.


The Homewise Realtor Referral Program rewards applicants by paying them a referral fee based on a closed mortgage. This payment will be made in the form of a prepaid Visa or by other means as determined by Homewise and be noted as a "Simple Referral" as defined by FSCO and the Government of Ontario in Reg. 407/07. No payment will be made if the mortgage that is referred does not close. Payments will be made to Realtor Referral Applicants whose refferal sources mortgage closes with Homewise(they get a mortgage through Homewise)in the following way:

  1. A $1,000 referral fee will be paid to the realtor referral partner upon the close of their referred client if the mortgage principal (total amount borrowed) is great than $650,000.00.Your client will also receive a $100.00 referral fee as well.

  2. A $700 referral fee will be paid to the realtor referral partner upon the close of their referred client if the mortgage principal (total amount borrowed) is between $401,000 - $650,000.Your client will also receive a $100.00 referral fee as well.

  3. A $400 referral fee will be paid to the realtor referral partner upon the close of their referred client if the mortgage principal (total amount borrowed) is between $150,000 - $400,000. Your client will also receive a $100.00 referral fee as well.


You, the Realtor Referral Partner must make your client aware that you are part of the program and that you will be paid of referral fee as part of the program. You are held by FSCO and the government of Ontario to follow the laws and rules as laid out byReg. 407/07: EXEMPTIONS FROM THE REQUIREMENTS TO BE LICENSED (view regulation). The Real Estate professional must also comply with all standard tax laws as well as theReal Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, c. 30, Sched. C (view act).

"When providing information to a prospective borrower

1.(1) Aperson or entity who refers a prospective borrower to a prospective mortgage lender is exempted under subsection 6 (4) of the Act from the requirement in section 2 of the Act to have a brokerage licence or a mortgage broker’s or agent’s licence if the person or entity complies with both of the following requirements and criteria:

  1. Before or at the time of making the referral, the person or entity informs the prospective borrower in writing,

    1. i. that the person or entity has received or will or may receive a fee or other remuneration, whether directly or indirectly, for making the referral, and

    2. ii. of the nature of the relationship between the person or entity and the prospective lender.

  2. 2. The only other information that the person or entity is permitted to give to the prospective borrower is the name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address or website address of the prospective lender or of an individual who acts on behalf of the prospective lender. O.Reg. 407/07, s.1 (1).

(2) Nothing in subsection (1) affects the right of a person or entity who does not have a brokerage licence or a mortgage broker’s or agent’s licence to refer a prospective borrower to a prospective lender for no fee or other remuneration. O.Reg. 407/07, s.1 (2)."


Once you are accepted into the Homewise referral program, a unique link will be made available to you. This link will be your referral link to provide to potential customers. You will also be given access to your own private portal that is password protected, which includes your unique link and referral options. Once you receive access, you agree to the following:

  1. You will only be permitted to use the link and referral options that we provide, without any doctoring or manipulation

  2. Your website can not create the impression that your website is our website. It must be known that you are a partner.

  3. You are not permitted to call yourself a Homewise agent or mortgage agent, that is, unless you are licenced to do so. You cannot call yourself a partner, however, you can call yourself a referral partner.

  4. You are not permitted to engage in false or misleading advertising and messaging as well as cookieing users. You are also not permitted to mask the URL we provide

  5. Redirecting links in a way that hides or doctors the original source that we provide, will lead to your commissions being null and void. This, however, does not include redirects out from the same domain that the Homewise referral link is placed.


If there is a case where two sources refer a client, the first source will only be paid.


You are not permitted to create, publish, disperse or print and advertising, marketing or publicity material that makes reference to the Homewise referral program without first submitting the material to us. You will then be provided with consent. You are permitted to use our marketing materials that we will provide.


Promoting the Realtor Referral program on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social platforms is permitted, if you follow these guidelines.

  1. You are permitted to use your Homewise referral links or approved promotional material, or our provided promotional material.

  2. You are forbidden to run any advertisements with our trademarks without our consent

  3. You are forbidden to create any social media accounts that use the Homewise trademarks, creative look and feel or any derivation of in the name.


Homewise retains the title, ownership, interest and right to our intellectual property. This includes all and any copyrights, trademarks, or other proprietary rights therein.

There is nothing in these terms that will permit you to any title, ownership, intellectual property or right.


Information that you may/will be exposed to as part of your participation in the Homewise Realtor Referral program and is not available to the general public is considered to be “confidential information”. You are not permitted to disclose any confidential information to any outside parties, people or entities, unless compelled by law or if you or if consent is provided by the Homewise team.


Homewise may change, or discontinue certain aspects of the program. Users that are part of the Realtor Referral Program then agree to promptly remove any material that includes a callout for the program or any corresponding trademarks.


You are under the acknowledgement that you will not have relied on any warranties that are related to the Homewise realtor referral program, other than the express statements as laid out in this agreement, program, products and services as well as links that are provided as part of this agreement.


We are not liable for any issues with the site, such as technical malfunctions or computer errors. This also includes corruption or loss of information. Any injury or damage is not our responsibility.


The terms above are constructed and governed by and in accordance with the laws of Ontario, Canada.

How to Contact Us

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