Documentation for all Transactions

Employment VerificationNot all lenders have the same requirements for documentation, however, the following lists out the documents that are usually mandatory and need to be provided:

For a self-employed individual the following may be required:

Photo Identification -Your security isintegral to us. We require a Photo ID to confirm the identity of the applicant (borrower). Lenders will have this as a requirement.

Divorce/Separation Agreement (if applicable) - The Divorce/Separation Agreement overviews the terms and conditions of the divorce or separation. It will usually include any payments required for alimony.

Child Support Order/Agreement (if applicable) -The Child Support Order/Agreement overviews the terms of conditions of child support. This includes any required payments.

Specific Documentation for a Purchase

List of documentation that is usually required when a borrower is purchasing a home:

Documentation for a Refinance, Switch andEquity take-Out

List of documentation that is usually required when a client is refinancing his or her current mortgage, taking equity out of his or her property or switching lenders on renewal:

Other Potential Documentation